Zip is an Australian digital wallet and buy now, pay later platform that enables customers to make purchases and pay them off over time. The platform also provides businesses with payment solutions and credit risk management tools.

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Volt enables your customers to pay you directly from their bank account. It’s faster and safer than paying by card. And you receive their funds in real time.

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TrustPay provides innovative payment services for online businesses with cross-border reach offering a variety of payment solutions under one roof.

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Scalapay is an Italian payment service provider that offers buy now, pay later installment options to consumers across Europe.

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PayPal is a US-based digital payment platform that allows users to make payments and transfer money online. The service is available in over 200 markets worldwide and supports a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

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Payplug is the European and French payment solution designed for merchants, e-merchants and fintech companies. We have a complementary approach of the international and French market. We provide payment services worlwide on VISA and Mastercard with a European Licence, and also have a strong local expertise with a unique positioning in France by being principal member of Cartes Bancaires, and part of BPCE Group (2nd banking group in France).

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Oney is a French financial services company offering payment solutions, credit cards, consumer loans, and insurance to individuals and businesses.

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Lydia is a popular mobile payment app in France that allows users to send and receive money instantly, make in-store and online payments, and track expenses.

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Masterpass is a digital wallet solution offered by Mastercard in Turkey. The service allows customers to store their payment and shipping information in a single digital wallet, which can be used to make payments online or in stores.

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Klarna is a Swedish financial services company that specializes in online payments and offers options such as "Pay in 4" for splitting the cost of purchases into four installments.

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We work with B2B merchants to help them sell more by offering better payment terms to their business customers.

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Floa is a French fintech company (subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group) that provides a variety of payment solutions to consumers, including Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options, mini loans, installment payments, credit cards, consumer loans, and insurance products.

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Fly Now Pay Later

Fly Now Pay Later is a financing platform that allows travelers to book flights and pay in multiple installments. This can be useful for individuals who want to spread the cost of their travel and facilitate their financial planning.

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GarantiPay is an online payment platform developed by Garanti BBVA, offering secure and convenient financial transactions for users. It supports various payment options, provides easy integration for merchants, and prioritizes transaction security.

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FinShark is a platform focused on payments, real-time payments, and financial services for various industries.

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Fintecture is a French fintech company that provides a range of payment and identity verification solutions to merchants and financial institutions. The company offers an open banking platform that allows businesses to access bank APIs and provide customers with a variety of payment options, including bank transfers and e-wallets.

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EasyPay is a well-established online payment platform in Armenia, offering a variety of convenient and secure payment services for users.

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Divido is a London-based fintech company that offers point-of-sale financing solutions, allowing consumers to spread the cost of their purchases over time. They work with merchants and lenders to provide flexible payment options and streamline the financing process for both online and in-store transactions.

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