Transbank is a payment and transaction services company based in Chile. Founded in 1989, Transbank is the leading electronic payment processing company in Chile and plays a crucial role [...]

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In Turkey, Compay is actually a popular digital payment method. It is a mobile payment platform developed by the Turkish bank İşbank. It allows users to pay bills, make [...]

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Pago express

Pago Express is a popular electronic payment system in Paraguay that allows consumers to pay their bills online, send money to others, and make online purchases. The platform is [...]

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PSE (Pago Seguro Electrónico) is a popular payment method in Colombia. It is an electronic payment system that allows consumers to make online purchases using their Colombian bank account [...]

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Red Multibanca Colpatria

Red Multibanca Colpatria is an online payment method that allows customers of Colpatria, a Colombian bank, to pay their bills, taxes, and public services through their bank account. This [...]

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The Galicia payment method in Argentina refers to the various payment options offered by Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires S.A., one of the country's leading private banks. Galicia [...]

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Itau is a Brazilian bank that offers a range of financial services, including payment methods for individuals and businesses. Itau offers several payment methods, including: - Credit card: Itau [...]

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Khipu is an online payment method in Chile. It allows users to pay for goods and services using their online bank account or credit card. When a user wants [...]

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Caja Arequipa

Caja Arequipa is a credit and savings cooperative in Peru that offers a variety of financial services, including loans, deposits, credit cards, and payment services. Regarding the Caja Arequipa [...]

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Credicoop is a credit cooperative in Argentina that offers various financial services, including payment methods for its customers. The most common payment method offered by Credicoop is the Credicoop [...]

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Davivienda is a major financial institution in Colombia that offers a range of banking services, including payment solutions. The Davivienda payment method in Colombia includes several options, such as: [...]

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Banco Nacional

The National Bank of Costa Rica is a state-owned bank that offers various banking services to residents of Costa Rica, including payment methods for financial transactions. The most common [...]

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