Reduce fraud and chargebacks with zero friction. Protect your business and optimise conversion with our scalable and adaptable solution.

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Payplug is the European and French payment solution designed for merchants, e-merchants and fintech companies. We have a complementary approach of the international and French market. We provide payment services worlwide on VISA and Mastercard with a European Licence, and also have a strong local expertise with a unique positioning in France by being principal member of Cartes Bancaires, and part of BPCE Group (2nd banking group in France).

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Justt is a company that offers automated solutions for chargeback management and friendly fraud prevention for merchants. Leveraging the power of machine learning, Justt provides a solution that enables merchants to reclaim the revenues they are entitled to.

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Fraugster is a payments intelligence company that helps the e-commerce ecosystem to minimize fraud and maximize revenue

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Chargebacks911 specializes in chargeback management for online merchants, offering solutions to handle chargeback claims, prevent fraud, and minimize associated losses.

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ChargebackHelp is a platform dedicated to the prevention of transaction disputes and chargebacks.

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