NORBr Stack (In black)
NORBr Stack (In black)

NORBr Stack is a next-gen payment orchestration platform for digital merchants to quickly connect, manage, and benchmark all payment services.

Our no-code solution simplifies payment processes with AI-based routing, a unified dynamic checkout, and a single API integration.

Optimize your payments with Stack.

Guaranteed uptime
Payment methods available
Reduction in development time and costs
Build better global connectivity in a fraction of time

Build better global connectivity in a fraction of time

NORBr streamlines global payment providers connectivity by eliminating close to all the development tasks, adapting to provider languages, and orchestrating payment workflows.

With NORBr, you can cut development time and costs by 90%+, avoid quality issues, and eliminate maintenance and upgrade costs.

Enable agility with a no-code platform

NORBr’s 100% no-code platform enables you, as a payment professional, to take control of your payment stack by removing roadmap constraints and allowing you to be more autonomous and agile.

You can easily add or remove providers and payment methods, as well as create business-based routing rules without any technical assistance. This empowers you and your team to quickly adapt to market trends, drive innovation, and ultimately achieve success.

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Boost sales with our Smart Unified Checkout

NORBr’s Smart Unified Checkout simplifies your checkout process and reduces cart abandonment rates.

With a customizable payment component that adapts to each customer’s profile and order patterns, you only need to call NORBr’s API to retrieve relevant payment components based on your customer’s location and habits.

The result is a quick, effortless checkout experience that increases sales for you as a merchant and enhances the overall customer experience.

Access comprehensive and custom payment insights

NORBr’s Custom Dashboards provide you with comprehensive insights beyond payment performance analysis. From checkout to payment, refund, or chargeback, the end-to-end picture of each order is displayed in fully customizable dashboards.

This allows you to gain a 360-degree view of customer behavior and monitor various client segmentation angles, such as RFM and LTV. With the ability to assess the efficiency of marketing campaigns and customer acquisition channels, you can allocate marketing budgets more effectively and determine the true value of your customers.

Access comprehensive and custom payment insights 80

Increase repeat customer revenue

NORBr’s Universal Tokenization increases returning client ratios for you as a business by securely displaying stored cards and previous payment methods during checkout.

The universal token matches cardholder information for convenient future payments. You can easily add backup PSPs and own your payment data while ensuring customer privacy, ultimately building trust and loyalty with your clients.

Optimize payment and reduce costs.

NORBr’s Routing Engine is a powerful feature that allows you to optimize your payment processes and reduce costs. With our no-code payment stack, you can easily add or remove payment providers and launch new payment methods to support local market needs.

You can also create rules to reflect your specific payment strategy and requirements. Our analytical tools provide real-time insights into payment costs, helping you identify areas of improvement. With access to over 500 payment options, you can expand your international coverage and improve customer experiences while reducing management efforts.

Boost payment success rates

NORBr’s Fallback and SCA rule manager improves your payment success rates by optimizing the balance between authentication and conversion.

With our proprietary SCA optimization engine and automatic authorization fallback service, you can ensure you don’t lose transactions due to authentication or authorization issues. You as a payment manager can create your own business rules using our no-code SCA engine, improving sales without extra marketing or customer acquisition efforts.

Automate reconciliation and make data-driven decisions

NORBr’s Financial Harmony provides you with a seamless and accurate payment reconciliation tool, ensuring a complete view of your payment data, generating standardized reports, and automating the reconciliation process, freeing up your time and reducing errors.

Your finance team can integrate data into your accounting system, benchmark costs, performance, and other relevant KPIs, and make data-driven decisions, improving overall efficiency and accuracy in financial management.

Effortless Integration and High-Quality Service

NORBr’s API documentation and sandbox environment are valuable tools that help you easily integrate with our platform.

Additionally, NORBr offers personalized technical support for integration and maintenance to ensure that you have the necessary assistance. NORBr’s webhook manager and alerting service keeps a watchful eye on your transactions 24/7 to ensure that all systems are in sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the regulatory / compliance requirements for cross-border payments?2023-04-18T17:15:28+02:00

Compliance requirements for cross-border payments can vary by country and payment method, but generally include anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations, as well as compliance with international trade and economic sanctions. Some countries may also require specific licenses or permits for conducting cross-border payments. Adhering to these regulatory requirements is essential for managing risk and avoiding legal and financial penalties.

What are the typical challenges associated with cross-border payments?2023-04-18T17:08:17+02:00

Cross-border payments can present several challenges for you, including currency conversion, regulatory compliance, and fraud prevention. Currency conversion can be complex and costly, and exchange rates can fluctuate rapidly, leading to uncertainty around payment amounts and processing times. Regulatory requirements can vary by country and can be complex to navigate, adding to the complexity of cross-border payments. Fraud prevention is also a concern, as cross-border transactions can be more vulnerable to fraudulent activity.

What are the benefits of accepting local payment methods?2023-04-18T17:08:05+02:00

Accepting local payment methods can offer several benefits for your business, including increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and reduced payment processing costs. By offering payment methods that are familiar and convenient for your customers in their local region, you can build trust and credibility with them. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. Additionally, offering local payment methods can reduce the costs associated with currency conversion and cross-border fees, ultimately improving your bottom line.

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