Zeta is a technology company that offers innovative financial management solutions and digital banking services to individuals and businesses.

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Zonos is a US-based cross-border e-commerce platform that helps merchants calculate and display international shipping rates, taxes, and duties at checkout. The platform also provides fraud prevention, compliance, and customs brokerage services to help merchants streamline international sales.

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Zotapay offers #processing solutions including credit and debit cards, alternative methods, and local solutions, with a specialization in China and Southeast Asia. Grow your business by connecting to Zotapay through your BridgerPay Supergate today.

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Zimpler AB

Zimpler AB is a Swedish fintech company that offers secure and user-friendly online payment solutions, including credit card payments, bank transfers, and e-wallet options. Their goal is to simplify and enhance the payment experience for businesses and consumers while ensuring advanced security measures to protect users' financial information.

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Winpay is an online payment platform based in Indonesia. Its website offers a variety of payment services for individuals and businesses.

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Wise (ex-Transferwise) is a financial services company providing online bank transfer solutions and helping businesses to transfer money to bank accounts in more than 70 countries.

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FIS Global is a UK-based financial technology company that provides payment processing and merchant solutions, including the Worldpay payment platform.

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The first genuine drag-and-drop payment experience in the world.

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Worldline – SIPS

Worldline is a French company that provides payment and transactional services, including merchant acquiring, payment terminals, and e-commerce solutions.

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WIBOND is dedicated to fostering financial inclusion within a large community by providing tailored payment options that align with the unique possibilities and profiles of each user. With a [...]

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