The challenge of payment routing

In the complex and ever-evolving landscape of online payments, relying on a single payment processor is no longer sufficient. E-merchants strive to improve their authorization rates, reduce costs, and [...]

Orchestration platforms as a lever for optimizing the purchase path

"Orchestration platforms as a lever for optimizing the purchase path" Summary of the webinar organized by FEVAD and MERCATEL on Tuesday, April 5, and co-hosted by Jacques-Arthur Clabé, consultant at Galitt and Bilal El Couche, CCO at NORBr.

PCI-DSS Common pitfalls for Merchants

As you can see in my barely updated linkedin page, I’ve been a CiSO for many years. Since 2013, I’ve seen many different merchant profiles. Sadly I also saw many data breaches, and more specifically Cardholder Data breaches. Most of our customers back then got hacked through a variety of means, the most popular being unpatched CMSes. They all shared a glaring, unforgiving trait : PCI-DSS requirements were not being followed.

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