PCI DSS v4.0 for PayFacs: compliance mastery guide

As we approach the 2024 deadline, Payment Facilitators (PayFacs) face the crucial task of aligning with PCI DSS v4.0. This guide offers essential insights for PayFacs to ensure compliance [...]

NORBr x Payplug: the ultimate PayFac-as-a-Service solution

The advent of PSD2 triggered a wave of innovations, unlocking doors for companies to evolve into Payment Facilitators (PayFacs), Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Merchants of Record (MORs), Account Servicing [...]

Boost your payment success with Recover AI

E-commerce is soaring, driven by new consumer habits and tech advances, raising the stakes significantly. Forecasts estimate that the e-commerce market will reach dizzying heights, surpassing $6 trillion in [...]

The challenge of payment routing

In the complex and ever-evolving landscape of online payments, relying on a single payment processor is no longer sufficient. E-merchants strive to improve their authorization rates, reduce costs, and [...]

NORBr Infra: white-label infrastructure for PayFacs

In today's fiercely competitive digital payment landscape, PayFacs are constantly striving to stay ahead. Traditional payment stacks no longer suffice, leading to significant challenges for both PayFacs and merchants. [...]

NORBr Stack: the power of payment orchestration

In today's fast-paced digital business landscape, companies often grapple with numerous challenges related to payment operations. These challenges are supported by statistics and industry insights, shedding light on the [...]

NORBr Insights: unleash the potential of payment data

In today's digital era, where online commerce thrives, the collection and analysis of payment data have become crucial for digital merchants and retailers. However, managing this data can be [...]

NORBr, a strategic payment management suite for your business

In today's digital era, where online commerce is experiencing unprecedented growth, payments play a crucial role. The statistics are clear: 69% of organizations consider payments as a crucial element [...]

✅ PCI DSS 4.0

Everyone in the online payment industry has heard of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS for short. As a standard, it is not mandatory by [...]

Payments on track and improve key business metrics

NORBr is the #1 global distributor of payment services for digital merchants, allowing customers to connect, manage, and benchmark all their payment services through a single API and single platform. [...]

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Password shenanigans

Passwords. Love them, hate them, makes no difference. Online tax payments, banking, insurance, travel, your e-mail account… Your login and password secure access to all that, and every single one of them is subject to a different, arbitrary policy set by someone stuck in the 1980s. Today, let’s take a look at a history of failed passwords, and what’s being done to address them.

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PCI-DSS Common pitfalls for Merchants

As you can see in my barely updated linkedin page, I’ve been a CiSO for many years. Since 2013, I’ve seen many different merchant profiles. Sadly I also saw many data breaches, and more specifically Cardholder Data breaches. Most of our customers back then got hacked through a variety of means, the most popular being unpatched CMSes. They all shared a glaring, unforgiving trait : PCI-DSS requirements were not being followed.

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