Payment by card 

  • In 2020, half of all card payments (compared to 1/3 in 2019) were done contactless. For the French, the main advantages of contactless are, in order : speed (40%), ease (29%), hygiene (29%) and security (7%)
  • With the main local actor:
    • CB

Payment by installment and BNPL

  • 9/10 French people know about the payment in several times. 49% of the French are interested in this service for an amount starting from 230€. The BNPL market size accounts
    for almost 4.47Bn€. France being the 7th largest market in the world. It is estimated that the BNPL concerns 9% of the total French e-commerce turnover.
  • With local actors such as:
    • Alma
    • Cofidis
    • FloaPay
    • Oney
    • Franfinance
    • Cetelem
    • Pledg

Payment by bank transfer

  • Online, the “Instant payment” (IP) option by bank transfer is still rare in France. According to the European Central Bank, IP should represent 23% of payment instruments in Europe by 2023, and a usage rate of 13% in France by 2022.
  • With local actors such as:
    • Paylib
    • Fintecture
    • Lyf

Payment by digital wallet and X-Pay

  • In France, mobile solutions are becoming essential, especially for the younger generations. More than a third of online shoppers use a payment application or a wallet. Contactless payment, by bank card or by mobile phone, is becoming more and more common. However, 87% of French people do not know that payment with their mobile phone is without limit.
  • With local actors such as:
    • Paylib
    • Lydia
    • Lyf
    • CarrefourPay
    • Total e-wallet



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