PayFac: Payplug x NORBr

NORBr x Payplug: the ultimate PayFac-as-a-Service solution

11 November 2023 in Blog

by Ludovic Plisson

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The advent of PSD2 triggered a wave of innovations, unlocking doors for companies to evolve into Payment Facilitators (PayFacs), Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Merchants of Record (MORs), Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASVs), and more. 

But this transition demands a massive investment in technology, time, human resources, and adherence to regulations. 

The partnership between NORBr—a game-changing startup offering highly scalable and customizable payment infrastructure—and Payplug—one of Europe’s leading acquirers—is a unique opportunity for a swift launch or to modernize existing legacy payment stacks. 

This alliance constitutes a blend of technology and acquiring expertise, fostering a rapid and secure transition into the payment realm.


NORBr: a robust foundation for payment facilitation

NORBr leverages the latest technologies to deliver payment infrastructures that offer the most advanced payment features from the checkout to the financial reconciliation in the shortest time to market. 

Key features of NORBr:

  • Streamlined Infrastructure: Harnesses data clarity through intuitive dashboards, ensuring real-time insights at your fingertips. Tracks transactions meticulously from checkout to settlement. Captures and analyzes every payment data point for informed decision-making.
  • No-code administration: Manages merchant accounts effortlessly, allowing quick configurations. Adjusts commercial offers and pricing rules via a user-friendly interface. Modifies user profiles, roles, and permissions seamlessly, no technical intervention required.
  • PCI-DSS 4.0 compliance: Ensures payment security and paves the way for adherence to regulations before the mandatory deadline on March 31, 2024. Implements stringent access controls for enhanced security. Undergoes regular audits to maintain high-security standards and ensure ongoing compliance.


“With FinTechs leveraging their technological capabilities and customer centricity, it’s a wake-up call for banks and PSPs. The PayTech boom underscores a pivotal moment, urging a strategic rethink. Now is the time to invest in key areas to stay competitive in the evolving payments landscape.” 

Quote from Nabil Naimy, CEO of NORBr


Payplug: Europe’s acquiring powerhouse

Payplug, as a principal member of the Cartes Bancaires card scheme and part of Groupe BPCE, offers significant advantages to PayFacs. They can achieve up to 98% of frictionless requests accepted on BPCE’s traffic (20% of consumer transactions in France)**. Payplug also provides PayFacs with direct access to payment networks and their optimization programs, including Cartes Bancaires’s Low Risk Merchant Program and account updator, VISA and Mastercard Tokens.

Key features of Payplug:

  • Direct network access: Membership in CB, VISA, and Mastercard facilitates direct network access.
  • Enhanced acceptance rates:
    • Low Risk Merchant Program by Cartes Bancaires : Impressive above 95% of frictionless requests accepted by French banks***.
    • FastPass: Exclusive product enhancing payment efficiency and customer experience, reach up to 98% frictionless request acceptance rate on 20% of the French traffic**.

Payplug already supports 17,000 merchants as well as PayFacs, such as BlueSnap.


“The European market presents many challenges: it is a disparate territory, with a wide variety of local payment methods and different regulations for different card schemes. Thanks to our membership of Groupe BPCE and our privileged connection to the Cartes Bancaires scheme, we are enabling BlueSnap’s European merchants to optimize their payment acceptance rates within the framework of PSD2 while reducing cross-border costs, representing a gain of €18m over the last quarter of 2022*.”

Quote from Jonathan Lesieur, VP PSP & Fintechs at Payplug


The synergy: the perfect launchpad for PayFacs 

By combining the strengths of Payplug and NORBr, we offer a revolutionary solution for PayFacs aiming to conquer the European market. Our joint solution provides financial institutions with several key benefits:

Key features of our synergy:

  • Time-to-market: Accelerates technical and legal setup, transitioning businesses into operational PayFacs swiftly. Saves precious time, launching you ahead of competitors.
  • Technology ready: Offers a ready-to-use product, eradicating the need for hefty initial tech investments. Simplifies payment processing, a plug-and-play solution for immediate utilization.
  • Local Market expertise: Navigates through acquisition intricacies with ease, ensuring compliance and smooth settlements. Optimize the use of Cartes Bancaires in France and VISA and MasterCard on an European level, to reach the optimum acceptance rate and keep control of your costs.  


The PayFac market is booming but extremely competitive. Time is crucial. The Payplug and NORBr alliance lets PayFacs focus on clients while competitors navigate complex payments.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity. Explore the comprehensive PayFac solution offered by Payplug and delve into NORBr’s white-label solution (link to NORBr Infra the white-label solution).

With NORBr and Payplug, step into a realm where payment facilitation is not a distant dream but a present reality.


For more information visit Payplug.

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