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NORBr, a strategic payment management suite for your business

21 August 2023 in Blog

by Ludovic Plisson

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In today’s digital era, where online commerce is experiencing unprecedented growth, payments play a crucial role. The statistics are clear: 69% of organizations consider payments as a crucial element of the customer experience, while 45% focus on payment optimization strategies to provide their customers with a seamless and smooth experience. The importance of payments is further underscored by the fact that 48% of industry players emphasize the acceptance of alternative payment methods.

In 2022, the global online payment market had already reached the impressive sum of $206.7 billion, but this is just the beginning of exponential growth. By 2030, the online payment market is projected to reach $612.1 billion, highlighting the need for industry players to adapt to this ever-evolving trend.

Faced with these major challenges, NORBr presents itself as an innovative payment management suite to address the challenges faced by merchants and payment service providers. In this article, we will delve into the world of NORBr to discover how this comprehensive payment management suite of products meets the specific needs of the industry, improving both the customer experience and operational performance.

Introducing NORBr

NORBr is a software suite designed to meet the needs of merchants and payment service providers. This solution provides concrete answers to the industry’s challenges through three products: NORBr Infra, NORBr Stack, and NORBr Insights.

  • NORBr Infra simplifies white-label payment management for PayFacs. This platform allows seamless integration with over 500 global and local payment methods while providing easy access to merchant account management, activation of contracts with payment providers, and much more. NORBr Infra offers PayFacs unmatched flexibility to expand their offerings and provide their customers with a variety of payment methods and essential services.
  • NORBr Stack stands out as a next-generation payment orchestration platform specifically designed for digital merchants. It guarantees a significant increase in sales while reducing costs. With features such as a universal checkout a/nd user-friendly administration tools, NORBr Stack offers a complete solution for unified payment management. Merchants benefit from increased agility to adapt to market trends while maintaining a seamless customer experience.
  • NORBr Insights offers a unified and customizable view of all payment data, enabling merchants to make informed decisions to improve their business strategy. It is important to note that NORBr Insights does not handle payments but focuses exclusively on data. This approach allows any department within a company, such as marketing or sales teams, to access strategic information to better understand customer behavior and make informed decisions.

How NORBr meets your needs

NORBr stands out by addressing five major challenges faced by merchants and payment service providers in the ever-evolving digital era, by providing an all-encompassing Payment Management Suite.

  • Ultimate simplification of payments and elimination of technical Integrations: NORBr is committed to making payments as simple as possible. Once connected to our API, you eliminate the need for constant technical integrations, ensuring smooth and hassle-free payment management.
  • A catalog of ever-expanding payment methods: The world of payments is evolving rapidly, and customers are looking for diverse options. NORBr meets this demand by providing access to over 500 global and local payment methods. Furthermore, each payment provider integration rapidly expands this catalog, allowing merchants to stay ahead of their customers’ payment preferences.
  • Agility in a growing market: The online payment market continues to grow, and NORBr is ready to accompany this expansion. Our scalable and flexible solutions allow you to adapt quickly to new trends and remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry.
  • Cost optimization and improved profitability: NORBr helps you reduce payment-related costs. By simplifying the integration process and offering centralized payment management, we contribute to improving your profitability while maintaining an exceptional customer experience.
  • Managing the complexity of multiple payment providers: Notably, among large enterprises, 63% prefer to have multiple payment providers for added flexibility. NORBr simplifies the management of this complexity by offering a centralized platform to manage all your payment providers, eliminating the headaches associated with coordinating multiple suppliers.

Coming up: the NORBr suite

NORBr is much more than a suite of products; it is a strategic partner for your business in the ever-evolving world of online payments. In the upcoming articles, we will explore in detail the features and benefits of NORBr Infra, NORBr Stack, and NORBr Insights. Discover how these specific products can transform your approach to payments to help you thrive in this ever-evolving market.

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