Take Charge of Your Payments

Are you ready to split payments between PSPs seamlessly? NORBr empowers you to do just that. Manage your e-commerce orders by card issuer, a feature that sets you apart. By routing transactions based on the issuer, you can match them to the ideal acquirer. NORBr’s intuitive platform includes support for numerous issuers, like BNP Paribas, ensuring you have total control over your payment strategies.

Efficient Order Splitting

Grasp the simplicity of splitting your orders across multiple payment providers. Whether you aim to distribute your transactions evenly or designate specific providers for different transaction types, NORBr simplifies the process. Learn to harness the power of NORBr for splitting payments between PSPs, consolidating your transaction management on a unified platform. This not only saves you precious time but also streamlines your operational workflow.

Intelligent Payment Routing

Explore the advantages of NORBr’s smart routing feature. It’s designed to automatically direct payments to the most suitable provider, considering various factors like payment method and geographical location. This ingenious feature of NORBr ensures that your customers enjoy a flawless payment experience. Meanwhile, you benefit from a reduced risk of fraud and errors. With the ability to split payments between PSPs smartly, you can confidently focus on expanding your business, knowing that NORBr is optimizing every transaction.

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