Effortless Payment Management

NORBr’s no-code solution puts you in control. You’ll manage orders and payments effortlessly, without needing technical skills. Get started quickly and see results without delay.

Close Your Book Accounts with Ease

Centralize Payment Data

Discover how NORBr centralizes and standardizes all your payment data on a single platform. Accountants and compliance officers will find this consolidation offers a transparent overview. It provides a single source of truth for your transactions, streamlining reconciliation and account closure.

Customize Reports Your Way

You can tailor reports to fit your accounting system’s unique requirements. Modify column names, order, and data formats with ease. This flexibility means you’ll bypass additional steps like reformatting in Excel, leading to seamless CRM integration, be it with Cegid, Salesforce, or other systems.

Seamless Export Options

NORBr’s final touch is interoperability. Enjoy file exports that align with various CRMs, including industry giants and niche players. Assure your payment data imports directly into any accounting software or CRM, making your account closing process both efficient and precise.

Take Your Payments to the Next Level

Ready to upgrade your e-commerce payment system in just three minutes? “#3minsInside NORBr” is where to begin. Experience the simplicity and speed of starting with NORBr and watch the quick results unfold!

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