Welltech x NORBr

Welltech teams up with NORBr to streamline wellness transactions

25 April 2024 in Blog,News

by Ludovic Plisson

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16 April 2024 – We are excited to announce the Welltech and NORBr partnership where Welltech, a pioneer in wellness technology, has chosen NORBr’s innovative payment infrastructure to streamline their payment systems. This strategic partnership underscores Welltech’s commitment to providing seamless and secure wellness experiences to their customers worldwide. 

Welltech: a leader in wellness technology

Welltech leads the wellness technology landscape. Welltech’s apps, including Muscle Booster, FastEasy, Femia, FitCoach, Yoga-Go, Omo, and WalkFit, have been downloaded over 200 million times worldwide.

These applications meet varied health and wellness needs. They focus on enhancing both physical and mental well-being through personalized, data-driven health solutions. Each app is designed with the end user in mind, ensuring that users can easily track their progress and achieve their fitness goals. By combining technology and wellness, Welltech creates unique experiences for users across the globe.

What sets Welltech apart

Welltech excels in adaptability and personalization. Each app meets users’ unique health goals and preferences. They use advanced algorithms to tailor fitness programs. This fine-tuning boosts engagement and enhances health outcomes. Welltech also listens to user feedback to refine their apps. By staying on top of evolving wellness trends, they ensure a positive user experience. This personalized approach sets Welltech apart in a competitive market. It allows them to deliver effective solutions that meet diverse needs, keeping their users engaged and satisfied.

Welltech app Welltech app


Why Welltech and NORBr partnership

Welltech’s strategic decision to incorporate NORBr into their expansive suite of wellness applications aligns with a surge in demand for seamless health and wellness services. The integration of NORBr’s advanced, no-code payment solutions allows Welltech to significantly enhance the user experience, offering greater payment flexibility and heightened transaction security, which are critical in today’s digital-first environment.

Benefits of the Welltech and NORBr Partnership

This partnership between Welltech and NORBr promises enhanced transaction security, bringing a more integrated and user-friendly payment system to its health and fitness apps. By adopting NORBr’s versatile platform, Welltech can streamline access to its services, making them more accessible to users around the world. This is not just about improving payment processes; it’s about creating a more cohesive user journey from start to finish.

Welltech’s Vision for the Future

Danylo Sydorenko, Head of Product at Welltech, emphasized the importance of this collaboration:

Partnering with NORBr allows us to not only meet the current market demands but also anticipate future needs. Their flexible, scalable payment solutions empower us to continue innovating and improving our offerings to deliver unmatched user experiences. This is pivotal as we scale our operations and enhance our global reach.

Operational Improvements

As Welltech integrates with NORBr, the anticipated improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are substantial. This collaboration is set to elevate the standard for technological innovation within the wellness industry, marking a significant leap forward for Welltech in its mission to deliver superior health and fitness solutions.


For more information, please visit Welltech and NORBr websites:


About Welltech

Welltech, a front-runner in wellness technology, is transforming personal health with its suite of highly-rated mobile apps including Muscle Booster, FastEasy, Femia, FitCoach, Yoga-Go, Omo, and WalkFit. Serving millions globally, Welltech’s apps leverage cutting-edge technology to tailor health and fitness solutions to individual needs, driving significant user engagement. Welltech’s commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous enhancement of app features and integration of user feedback, ensuring that their technology not only meets but exceeds user expectations in the dynamic wellness industry.

About NORBr

NORBr offers a platform-as-a-service that simplifies and streamlines payment processes. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to reduce costs and boost efficiency without complex coding. By integrating orchestration capabilities, NORBr’s platform ensures flexibility and scalability. This lets businesses focus on their core objectives rather than on complex payment systems. The platform provides a robust suite of tools that can automate payment flows, improve transaction rates, and reduce operational overhead. With NORBr, companies like Welltech can deliver seamless payment experiences to their customers.

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