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Global Payments est une société mondiale de services de paiement qui propose une large gamme de solutions de paiement aux entreprises du monde entier. Grâce à son site Web, les clients peuvent accéder à leurs services et trouver des informations sur leurs technologies de paiement innovantes et leur présence mondiale.

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  • United States of America

Global Payments is a global payment services company that provides payment solutions and related services to businesses worldwide. Its website serves as the online platform for the company where customers can access their services and find information about the products and solutions they offer.

Here are some key points to know about Global Payments:

– Payment Services: Global Payments offers a comprehensive range of payment services, including credit and debit card transaction processing, online payments, e-commerce solutions, risk management services, point-of-sale (POS) solutions, and more.
– Global Presence: The company operates on a global scale and provides its services in over 100 countries. It has offices and payment processing centers in numerous countries, enabling it to cater to the needs of local and international businesses.
– Clients and Industries: Global Payments serves a wide variety of clients, ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations. Its payment solutions are used across various industries, such as retail, restaurants, hospitality, financial services, healthcare, online gaming, and more.
– Technological Solutions: Global Payments places emphasis on technological innovation and offers advanced payment solutions. This includes features such as mobile payments, e-wallets, payment data analytics, artificial intelligence, and payment security solutions.
– Partnerships and Acquisitions: Global Payments has established strategic partnerships with other companies in the payment industry to expand its reach and enhance its capabilities. It has also made several strategic acquisitions to strengthen its market position and broaden its product and service offerings.

Global Payments's features

  • 3D Secure
  • Chargeback management
  • Chargebacks
  • Partial Captures
  • Partial Refunds
  • Payin
  • Payout
  • Recurring Transaction
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Refunds

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Payment Aggregator (#PA)?2023-09-14T14:17:02+02:00

A PA is a company that enables merchants to accept payments through a single account. They aggregate transactions from multiple merchants into a single merchant account and facilitate payouts.

What is a Payment Facilitator (#PayFac)?2023-04-18T18:56:26+02:00

A PayFac is a company that simplifies the payment process for sub-merchants by providing a unified platform. They act as a middleman between the sub-merchant and the acquiring #bank and handle all the necessary compliance and underwriting processes.

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