Top 10 benefits of payment orchestration

Payment orchestration in E-commerce

8 February 2024 in Blog

by Ludovic Plisson

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In the fast-evolving E-commerce landscape, payment orchestration emerges as a crucial technology for efficiency in payment processing. This technology not only streamlines the payment process across global markets but also adapts seamlessly to meet diverse market demands, making it indispensable for businesses aiming to scale and enhance their customer service.


The benefits of payment orchestration in E-commerce

Payment orchestration offers diverse advantages, revolutionizing how businesses handle transactions, manage data, and interact with customers across the globe. Below, we explore ten critical benefits that these platforms provide, each highlighting a different aspect of the enhanced functionality and strategic value payment orchestration brings to E-commerce businesses.


1. Streamline payments across borders

Simplify payment management across global markets. Integrating a payment orchestration platform allows E-commerce businesses to manage various payment gateways and services efficiently. This consolidation significantly reduces the administrative burden and streamlines payment operations across different regions and currencies.

Companies using payment orchestration report a 30% reduction in operational time related to payment management, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs”

Industry example: A comprehensive study highlighted how a well-implemented payment orchestration solution could streamline payment processes for businesses, providing a single integration point that simplifies interactions with multiple payment service providers and acquirers​ (​.


2. Enhance payment acceptance

Increase transaction approval rates for a seamless checkout experience. Payment orchestration platforms optimize the transaction process by intelligently routing payments to the gateway with the highest likelihood of acceptance. This dynamic selection minimizes failed transactions and improves customer satisfaction at checkout.

Businesses that implement payment orchestration can see up to a 25% increase in transaction approval rates

Industry example: In practice, companies utilizing payment orchestration can offer multiple payment methods, including local and alternative options, effectively reducing cart abandonment and enhancing consumer satisfaction. This flexibility is crucial for businesses looking to expand internationally and cater to diverse consumer preferences​ (IBS Intelligence)​.


3. Enhance customer checkout experience

Deliver seamless and personalized checkout experiences. Payment orchestration platforms help E-commerce businesses tailor the checkout process to the preferences of their customers, supporting multiple payment methods and currencies. This personalization can significantly boost customer satisfaction and retention rates, as shoppers are more likely to complete purchases when their preferred payment options are readily available.

Enhancing the payment experience can reduce cart abandonment rates by up to 35%, with customers appreciating the ease and flexibility at checkout“.

Industry example: An analysis revealed how businesses adopting payment orchestration platforms report higher customer retention due to smoother, more personalized payment experiences. These platforms allow for the integration of regional and preferred payment methods, which cater to the specific needs and habits of different consumer groups, thus minimizing friction during transactions​ (IBS Intelligence)​.


4. Boost cost efficiency and operational flexibility

Reduce overhead and gain operational agility. Payment orchestration platforms minimize the need for multiple integrations with payment gateways and service providers, thereby reducing maintenance costs and technical complexity. This consolidation allows businesses to manage their payment systems more efficiently, adapting quickly to new market demands without significant additional investment.

Businesses utilizing payment orchestration report a 20% reduction in costs associated with payment processing due to streamlined operations and reduced need for manual intervention​”​.

Industry example: Studies have shown that the adoption of payment orchestration platforms leads to not only cost savings but also enhanced operational flexibility. Companies can rapidly adapt to changes in payment technology and consumer preferences without the need for extensive redevelopment of their payment infrastructure​ (​.


5. Expand global reach and ensure compliance

Navigate complex international markets while maintaining strict compliance standards. Payment orchestration platforms are pivotal for businesses aiming to operate globally, ensuring adherence not only to local payment methods and currencies but also to a multitude of regulatory standards, including the latest in payment card security with PCI-DSS v.4.0.

Under PCI-DSS v.4.0, one of the major updates is the requirement for service providers to validate their compliance scope every six months, ensuring that their security measures remain effective and relevant as technology and business practices evolve“.

6. Enhance security and mitigate risks

Enhancing transaction security is another crucial benefit of payment orchestration platforms. These platforms employ advanced security measures like encryption and fraud detection algorithms that protect sensitive data and reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activities.

“Businesses leveraging these platforms often experience a reduction of around 30% in fraud incidents, thanks to the sophisticated risk management tools embedded in payment orchestration solutions”.

Security example: The integration of technologies such as AI in payment orchestration helps detect and prevent fraud more effectively. AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of transaction data to identify unusual patterns that may indicate fraudulent activities, allowing for immediate corrective actions.


7. Harness data-driven insights

Optimize business strategies through unified and actionable analytics. Payment orchestration platforms are not just about processing transactions; they are pivotal in gathering and analyzing data across various payment systems. This capability provides businesses with a unified view of their operations, which is essential for making informed decisions.

“Businesses that use analytics from payment platforms see a 60% improvement in decision-making“.

Industry example: A leading online retailer leveraged their payment orchestration platform to unify data collection from multiple international markets. This enabled them to instantly view and analyze customer payment behaviors and preferences across different regions. With customizable data visualization tools, the company could tailor analyses and benchmarks to specific business needs, leading to a 25% increase in targeted marketing effectiveness.


8. Streamline automated reconciliation and settlement

Enhance efficiency and accuracy in financial operations. Payment orchestration platforms automate the reconciliation of transactions and settlements, reducing the manual effort required and minimizing errors. This automation ensures that financial records are accurate and up-to-date, facilitating quicker financial closing and reducing discrepancies.

“Automation reduces the time spent on financial reconciliation by 70%“.

Industry example: A major online marketplace automated their reconciliation process through a payment orchestration platform, enhancing financial accuracy and timely vendor payments.


9. Implement no-code integration and configuration

Simplify setup with user-friendly platforms. No-code payment orchestration solutions offer drag-and-drop interfaces that allow merchants to integrate and manage payment services without extensive technical knowledge. This accessibility speeds up the deployment process and reduces the reliance on specialized IT resources.

80% of merchants successfully integrate payment orchestration platforms using no-code solutions, demonstrating the ease and efficiency of these systems“.

Industry insight: Retailers and E-commerce businesses often face challenges when expanding their payment options to meet diverse customer preferences. No-code platforms enable these companies to quickly adapt by adding new payment methods or gateways with minimal effort, significantly enhancing their agility and responsiveness to market changes​


10. Optimize subscription management

Streamline recurring transactions with sophisticated subscription management. Payment orchestration platforms excel not only in managing one-time payments but also in enhancing subscription-based models. These platforms automate and optimize recurring billing processes, accommodating various subscription scenarios and payment frequencies. This functionality is crucial for businesses that offer memberships, SaaS products, or any services requiring periodic payments.

Integrating advanced subscription management tools can increase customer retention rates by up to 15% by providing more reliable and flexible billing options.”

Industry example: According to a study, an online streaming service implemented a payment orchestration platform to manage its global subscriptions more effectively. The platform enabled them to automatically update expired payment methods and seamlessly handle different billing cycles, resulting in reduced churn and enhanced customer satisfaction (FinTech Futures).



As E-commerce continues to evolve, the integration of advanced payment orchestration platforms becomes crucial for businesses aiming to stay competitive. These platforms not only streamline payment processes but also enhance customer satisfaction, expand global reach, and ensure compliance with international standards. By embracing payment orchestration, businesses can unlock significant growth and efficiency, paving the way for a more connected and efficient global market presence. Embrace the future of commerce today by integrating a robust payment orchestration system that caters to the dynamic needs of the digital consumer.

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