NORBr Infra: empowering PayFacs with white-label payment solutions

NORBr Infra: white-label infrastructure for PayFacs

12 September 2023 in Blog

by Ludovic Plisson

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In today’s fiercely competitive digital payment landscape, PayFacs are constantly striving to stay ahead. Traditional payment stacks no longer suffice, leading to significant challenges for both PayFacs and merchants. These challenges include payment performance and conversion, cost optimization, provider dependency and lock-in, time-to-market versus technical agility, and operational workload and maintenance.

The Struggles of PayFacs

PayFacs face an uphill battle. The competition is fierce, and the time-to-market is lengthy, requiring a comprehensive product offering. Moreover, there are substantial upfront costs, including software development and PCI-DSS v4.0 certification, which becomes mandatory in March 2024 and entails significant expenses.

NORBr Infra – Modernize. Automate. Prosper.

NORBr Infra steps in as the game-changing white-label payment software suite designed to empower PayFacs and provide them with a competitive edge. Here’s how it revolutionizes the payment landscape:

  • Cost and time efficiency: NORBr Infra offers PayFacs the opportunity to save time and money. With minimal initial investment, it enables immediate time-to-market, ensuring a product-market fit. PayFacs can generate their first revenue quickly by focusing on sales, distribution, and packaging, all while reducing expenses.
  • Comprehensive payment platform: NORBr connects PayFacs to the entire payment ecosystem, helping them modernize their payment offerings. It provides increased visibility and control over business metrics, ensuring the right approval rates at the right price. Payment management and operations are streamlined, reducing operational workload.
  • Simplified integration: NORBr Infra simplifies the process by providing a single API for integration. PayFacs can manage their entire payment stack through one user interface, accessing all their data in a centralized location. This eliminates roadmap issues and enhances payment intelligence.
  • Ready-to-use platform: NORBr Infra offers a modular, ready-to-use platform that empowers PSPs and PayFacs to upgrade their payment offerings. It facilitates improved time-to-market, contains IT and operational costs, provides wider payment coverage, and ensures an optimal product fit.
  • Administration tools: NORBr Infra goes further by offering a range of no-code administration tools. PayFacs can independently manage their white-label platform, including merchant onboarding, configuration, pricing, payment partner setup, activity monitoring, merchant support, and compliance and financial tools.
  • Unified checkout experience: NORBr Infra introduces a unified checkout experience through its checkout builder. This automatically offers the right payment mix to each consumer, resulting in better conversion rates at checkout. The payment page adapts to changes made to the payment stack.
  • Custom routing rules: PayFacs gain control over transaction routing with NORBr’s no-code Routing Engine. They can send transactions to the best-performing providers, conduct A/B testing, set fallback scenarios, and optimize overall performance, reducing lost transactions.
  • Comprehensive dashboard: NORBr Infra provides a dashboard builder that allows PayFacs to set their own KPIs. This level of control enhances sales and cost management. PayFacs can swiftly identify and address conversion drops and excessive processing costs while creating tailor-made marketing KPIs based on customer behavior.
  • Global connectivity: NORBr Infra offers the ability to build better global connectivity in a fraction of the time. With access to 500+ payment methods, it provides a 90% reduction in development time and costs, 90% automation, 95% maintenance savings, over 400% IT productivity gain, and the capacity for 5 connections per PO per month.

Prosper in the payments world with NORBr Infra

NORBr Infra stands as a revolutionary solution for PayFacs, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features to modernize, automate, and prosper in the dynamic world of digital payments. Its cost efficiency, simplified integration, and enhanced control make it an essential asset for PayFacs looking to stay competitive and thrive in the market.

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