Poland, a burgeoning market in the heart of Europe, mirrors the global trajectory towards digital payment solutions. With a population exceeding 41 million, the country’s e-commerce sphere continues to flourish, anticipating a revenue of US$14.45 billion in 2023. The intertwining of traditional commerce with digital innovations has birthed a dynamic payment ecosystem in Poland. This article takes you on a voyage through the varied payment methods prevalent in Poland, spotlighting both local and global actors steering the market.

Payment by card in Poland

In the wake of digital transformation, card payments have garnered a significant share in the Polish payment milieu. Notably, in Q1 2021, online transactions via cards constituted a substantial portion of the digital commerce activities. However, in 2023, bank transfers and eWallets have overshadowed card payments, each commandeering a hefty 54% and 18% of online transactions respective​ly1​.

Payment by cash

Despite the digital surge, cash payments retain their essence in the Polish market. Alternative payment methods like Paysafecash bridge the gap, enabling users to transact online with cash. This mechanism is especially favored among individuals without access to credit cards or those with a predilection for cash transactions.

Local actors: Paysafe cash

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Payment by Bank Transfer

Bank transfers reign supreme as the most preferred online payment avenue, accounting for a whopping 54% of online transaction​s 1​. This method, characterized by a direct transfer from the buyer’s bank, resonated with 29% of the Polish populace in 2023​2​.

Local actors: Blik, Kir, Przelewy24

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Payment by installment and BNPL

The BNPL model is gradually gaining traction among Polish internet users and online shoppers. A sector once sparse, now witnesses the entry of various players offering deferred payment solutions. According to a report by the Electronic Economy Chamber, as many as 22% of Polish Internet users and 38% of online shoppers have used the BNPL. As for those who had already purchased an item online using the BNPL, 77% liked the method.

Local actors: PayPo, allegro pay, P24 Now

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Payment by digital wallet and X-Pay

Google Pay and then Apple Pay are the most popular e-wallet in Poland, while PayPal has not yet gained popularity in Poland.

Local actors: allegro pay, Yetipay

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