Payment by card 

  • Japan is the 4th largest ecommerce market in the world. But Japan has some of the lowest cross-border shopping rates in the world. Just over 13% of Japanese consumers shop on overseas websites. The Japanese pay for 62% of online transactions using a credit card.
  • Local actors :
    • JCB
    • J-Debit

Payment by bank transfer

  • Pay-easy is a well-known brand in Japan, and enables shoppers to make payments from their online bank. The shopper simply selects their bank of choice, and is redirected to their online banking interface to complete the payment. Alternatively, the shopper can make a note of the payment reference provided, and complete the payment at an ATM. There is a large network of ATMs bearing the Pay-easy logo in Japan. Additionally, Pay-easy payments can be completed at many post office branches.
  • Local actor:
    • Pay-easy

Payment by cash payments

  • Konbini (which means “convenience store” in Japanese) payments are the second most popular payment method in Japan. It is a local cash payment method that allows consumers to order goods and services online and pay for them at a convenience store counter. More than 55,000 convenience stores, including 7-Eleven, Lawson and FamilyMart accept Konbini.

Payment by installment and BNPL

  • The need to provide multiple interest-free installment options in Japan is low. That is why there are so few players present in this sector. In 2021, U.S. fintech giant PayPal acquires Tokyo-based Paidy Inc. for ¥300 billion, an unprecedented price for a Japanese startup.
  • Local actor:
    • Paidy

Payment by digital wallet and X-Pay

  • Japan has a relatively mature, but rapidly evolving mobile payments landscape. The popular mobile messaging service, LINE, has nearly 40% market share. Mobile wallets in Japan are being predominantly used for payments.
  • With local actors such as:
    • LinePay
    • RPay
    • Mer Pay
    • Au Pay
    • D-Barai
    • PayPay



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